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Add value to your practice with PLAID

Studies consistently show that people with hearing loss wait as many as seven years before purchasing hearing aids. Of course denial is a factor, but so is cost, particularly cost in relation to perceived benefit. While PSAPs are making inroads primarily due to that cost factor, cheap PSAPs are giving amplification a bad name.


Ear Technology Corporation is pleased to introduce PLAID, a “personal listening aid” that utilizes our patented ClikFIT® technology for lightning-fast fittings.

In a nutshell, PLAID features sophisticated sound processing in a slim profile case at a price to compete with anybody.

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Here’s your solution: PLAID.

  • Your patients get great sounding amplification at a great price.
  • They learn they can rely on you to understand their situation.
  • They know they can count on you if and when their hearing needs progress.

PLAID is not a one size fits all. It’s an addition to your product lineup for a new audience in the market. PLAID adds value to your practice; it helps you build relationships; and it’s only available through licensed hearing healthcare professionals.

The challenge is to provide a quality device at a price that meets your patients where they are on their path to better hearing. Particularly those patients who are ambivalent about their hearing loss and/or the need to do anything about it.