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Features & Benefits

Available in 2 colors:
Beige and Metallic Grey
Options to blend with your hair and skin tone
Slim profile case with thin tube
Comfortable fit, barely visible, and no barrel effect
Sophisticated, innovative, patented technology
Allows you to choose your listening preference
Cutting-edge automatic feedback control
Minimizes ‘whistling’ while allowing the ear canal to remain open
Fast-acting sound-activated compression
Sounds that are overly loud are softened so they’re not uncomfortably loud.
Digital volume control
Ability to fine-tune your sound in different
listening environments

Preset 12 band graphic equalizer
Finely adjusted tuning curves, providing smooth, natural sound, with amplification only where you need it
Low battery tone indicator

Early warning system so you have time to change the battery before it quits

Uses #312 battery

Powerful, yet small and economical

Average battery life: 5 to 7 days

Quiet mode

“All-around sound,” for quiet environments
Noise mode (directional)
Focused hearing reduces background noise and clatter in noisy environments.
Dual microphones
Two microphones work together to provide true directionality
Push-button access to two listening modes: Quiet and Noise
Allows you to quickly and easily customize your listening preferences depending on your situation.